How to download and log in to your CTG Axie Scholarship account.

In order to download the Axie Infinity Alpha, one will need to have three Axies in their account. Luckily that’s what the CTG Scholarship Program is here to provide. I will briefly touch on the downloading and logging in process for both Windows and Android.

The first step is to download the game through the Axie Infinity alpha download site and select the platform you will be using to play the game, or download the alpha directly from the links below.

Android Download:

Windows Download:

Binance is one of the world’s largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Since Binance is a centralized exchange, you will be able to sell your SLP for ETH without the need to obtain ETH beforehand. This means the CTG team can send your SLP directly to your Binance account, where you will be able to exchange your SLP for ETH and therefore any cryptocurrency. The purpose of this article is to explain step by step how to create and navigate your Binance account.


The first step is to head to the Binance website and select your preferred language in…

With Axie floor prices being unaffordable to a large portion of the world, the barrier to entry for new Axie Infinity players has become very expensive and risky. It can take up a lot of one’s time trying to figure out what Axies to buy without being able to play the game first. In order to help facilitate the onboarding of new Axie Infinity players with strong community support, we are introducing the CTG Scholarship Program.

About the Program

Each account will feature 3 high-quality Axies ready to battle in PvE as well as Arena. The CTG program will only be accepting players…

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